Sunday, March 2, 2008

Open Source for Electronic Health

Agfa HealthCare, InterComponentWare (ICW), and Sun Microsystems, Inc. are now members of the new Open eHealth Foundation. The Open eHealth Foundation will provide software components under an open source license to boost the open standards-based exchange of medical information.

The Open e Health Foundation wants to create a worldwide community driven software development platform to speed up the digitization of the healthcare industry. The goal is to increase interoperability based on open standards to be accomplished with third party components and platforms. However, the Open eHealth Foundation will not develop new standards for interoperability but cooperate with existing standard developing organizations to implement the standards already in existence.

The Open eHealth Foundation is seeking additional members to participate in promoting an open based healthcare industry forum. There are three levels of membership available that includes contributing members to add their components to the Open Source code base of the foundation, participating members that can own projects, and promoting members who will be actively involved and be able to influence the direction of the foundation.

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