Sunday, June 14, 2009

IHIE Improving Quality Care

Unified Group Services a third party administrator is working with the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) on their Quality Health First (QHF) Program. The program helps physicians and patients achieve better health outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care. Unified is the first third party administrator to participate in the QHF.

“As our newest partner in the Quality Health First program, Unified Group Services is providing its members with a cutting-edge service that brings proactive information to physicians in order to improve the quality of patient care,” said Dr. J. Marc Overhage, President and CEO of the Indiana Health Information Exchange.

The QHF program designed by IHIE and the Employers’ Forum of Indiana, securely delivers patient information such as lab results, medication histories, treatment histories, and other clinical data in a standardized electronic format across all providers.

The QHF service is available at no cost to physicians, enables the physicians to view a list of their patients who are due for preventive screenings and chronic disease follow-up care for diabetes and heart disease, along with mammography, and well-child visits. Currently over 900 physicians have signed up to participate.

As an example of the QHF program in action in the Indianapolis community, the health information exchange platform has found that 30% of area diabetics aren’t receiving timely tests and 35% of women aren’t having timely mammograms.