Sunday, December 13, 2009

e-NC Releases Five RFPs

North Carolina’s e-NC Authority was awarded a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) under the State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program. The grant program enables states to collect comprehensive and accurate broadband data and develop state level broadband maps.

The data collection and mapping process to be conducted by the e-NC authority requires the collection of data using multiple methods:

• Collect data directly from broadband service providers
• Collect provider data through a national data corporation using web crawling techniques
• Collect broadband consumer data at the local level
• Conduct radio wave propagation prediction modeling (using GIS) to look at wireless coverage
• Conduct surveys of citizens to look at broadband availability
• Conduct a survey to assess broadband use among institutions and households in the state

Most of the mapping and planning work will be conducted in house by the staff of the Authority. However, the e-NC Authority has released Requests for Proposals for contracted services.

The five RFPs released include:

• Collecting broadband data at the consumer level and organizations selected will conduct surveys. This RFP is due December 16, 2009. For information, contact Deborah Watts at (919) 250-4314

• Database development and maintenance will require a vendor to host and store the broadband database and another vendor to perform web site maintenance. This RFP is due December 18, 2009. For information, contact Angie Bailey at (919) 250-4314

• GIS mapping/hosting will require the vendor to upgrade, update, and maintain the current GIS application and Map Viewer. This RFP is due December 23, 2009. For information, contact Joanna Wright (919) 623-1127

• Survey analysis of broadband adoption and strategic gaps will require the vendor to track the impact and barriers to using broadband at both the household and industry levels. This RFP is due January 4, 2010. For information contact Jane Smith Patterson (919) 250 4314

• Web-enable data mining for the collection of broadband data will require the vendor to use web enabled data mining to collect broadband service provider data as one of the multiple data collection methods. This RFP is due January 6, 2010. For more information contact Jane Smith Patterson at (919) 250-4314

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