Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alliance Helps Consumers

MedApps, Inc. a mHealth company and Phoenix Kiosk, Inc, a kiosk design and manufacturing company have formed a strategic alliance to expand their companies in the remote health monitoring market. The plan is to integrate cutting edge technologies to not only use in store retail medical clinics but also in corporate entities.

The two companies showcased their products at the 2011 American Telemedicine Association conference held May 1-3, 2011 in Tampa. “Phoenix Kiosk’s capabilities and expertise in developing forward-thinking product compliments our approach and ability to be agile in the market,” says Kent Dicks, MedApps Founder and CEO. “The alliance will provide a highly economical entry into leading retail and corporate medical clinics across the nation.”

Specifically, the system uses MedApps’ CloudCare™ platform, the HealthReader ™ and Health Smart Card in collaboration with Phoenix Kiosk’s Personal Health Station hardware and software interface. The technology enables an economical gateway to MedApps’ CloudCare System to provide for remote health monitoring and connectivity to the consumer’s personal electronic health records.

The MedApps Smart Card has the capability to store biometric measurements when collected either from the in-store kiosk or remotely from the patient’s home using the HealthReader. The system uses wireless or wired technology to transmit biometric data collected at home or from retail devices to a central server with the data then forwarded to an EHR and/or online consumer records service. This system is ideal for individuals who may not have access to or may not want to use a computer or smart phone to upload health data to an EHR.

This system can also serve as a check-in point for remote patient clinics in the retail setting or as part of an employer’s program and has the capability to integrate the smart card to the retailer’s loyalty rewards program, to electronic coupons, and to provide prescription reminders, etc.

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