Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NIH Launches Online Resource

A web-based interactive anthology will provide psychologists, economists, anthropologists, sociologists and other scientists with the latest research methods and tools. The web-based resource called eSource addresses emerging challenges in public health such as the obesity epidemic and the rise of chronic diseases such as heart disease.  The NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) at NIH has collaborated with the New England Research Institute to create the free online resource available at

Because behavioral and social scientists come from widely varying disciplines, there is a need for a central resource for current and high quality behavioral and social science research methods. With contributions from international experts, this anthology provides authoritative answers to methodological questions and sets quality standards for the research community.

The objective is to demonstrate the potential of behavioral and social science research, focusing on applying research findings related to public health activities and to enhance biomedical research. The program will also be useful as a training resource for biological scientists, providing them with a basic foundation for collaborations with behavioral and social scientists.

The web-based interactive collection consists of 20 interactive chapters with new features including a discussion forum and enhanced note-taking capabilities. The 20 chapters cover a range of topics and are accessible to all users including those users with limited familiarity of concepts such as how to conduct a qualitative analysis.

For more information on OBSSR, go to