Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Med-E-Tel will be Held in Luxembourg

Participants from over 80 countries will find new opportunities to see and evaluate new products, systems, and technologies at the 2008 Med-E-Tel Conference to be held at the Luxexpo Exhibition and Congress Center in Luxembourg on April 16-18, 2008. More than 150 presentations and workshops on the latest ehealth/telemedicine news and future trends will be presented and discussed.

Key presentations and discussions will focus on bioinformatics, broadband and wireless networks, cost benefit studies, developing countries and ehealth, electronic medical records, ehealth integration into routine medical practices, home monitoring, legal and ethical issues, telemedicine for diabetes care, telepsychiatry, and telemedicine applications and progress. Many additional topics will also be open for discussion.

The variety of attendees will include hospital directors, nursing/rehab facility directors, medical specialists, general practitioners, nurses, manufacturers, government representatives, funding agencies, pharmaceutical companies, information technology companies, researchers, investors, plus many others will be coming to network, establish trade contacts, and to talk about current business relationships.

For more information, go to www.medetel.lu.