Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NIH Seeks Sources for POC Technology

NIH issued a Request for Information (RFI) on January 07, 2008 to find sources with the expertise to provide Automated Point of Care Technology to support hospital-based patient care. The NIH Clinical Center is looking for critical patient care services to be delivered with accuracy, efficiency, and safety. The technology must be able to address specimen collection, medication administration to prevent misidentification errors, be able to automate the workflow process, and be able to track patient movement, medical records, medical supplies, and equipment throughout the hospital.

Responders need to provide a description of their current capabilities in bar-code enabled point-of-care technology as well as any other information available on automated solutions that could address this RFI (APOC-RFI-0002). Solicitations are not available at this time and information collected via this notice will not limit or screen potential organizations from future consideration for selection.

Responses will also be used to help determine set-aside possibilities. Responding companies need to state whether they are considered a large or small business based upon the size standards provided in the announcement.

The response deadline is January, 25, 2008. For more information on the request, go to http://www.fbo,gov, or contact Julius Tidwell, NIH Contracting Officer at 301-496-0101 or email jtidwell@cc.nih.gov.