Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rural Health Research Studies Funding

HRSA announced funding for the “Targeted Rural Health Research Grant Program”. The funding will be used to support rural health research studies on a selected number of topics. Grant recipients will conduct policy-relevant research on rural health services as they relate to rural health clinics, public health workforce, oral health, and HIT implementation. HRSA will provide funding during FY 2008 for approximately $750,000 to fund up to 5 new awards. The maximum amount per award is $150,000, and the funding will be for an 18 month project and budget period.

Eligibility is open to any public, private, and non-profit organization. ORHP also funds a 5 year Rural Health Research Center Cooperative (RHRC) agreement which will be competitive again in FY 2008. While the applicant pools for RHRC and the Targeted Rural Health Research Grant program generally do not overlap, applicants may apply for both programs.

The rural health research areas to be funded include:

  • Rural Health Clinics in terms of finance, utilization, and service mix
  • Frontier Health Services Delivery
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Rural Health Leadership
  • Allied Health Workforce
  • Public Health in terms of finance, HIT, and coordination

The application for the grant program became available on February 1, 2008 with the grant application due April 02, 2008. The projected award date is September 1, 2008 with the project end date to be August 31, 2010.

For more information, go to www.grants.gov or contact Erica C. Molliver at emolliver@hrsa.gov.