Saturday, May 3, 2008

DOD Funds Eye Research

The Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and two other Centers of Excellence from the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine were recognized for their innovative work in clinical and scientific medical practices. DOD awarded the group $4.8 million with Bascom Palmer’s share totaling $2 million.

DOD is interested in eye research since at least 16% of war casualties are due to eye trauma, and millions of active and retired military personnel suffer from eye disorders. The funding will support traumatic eye injury and visual restoration, hereditary eye diseases, and ophthalmic imaging and telemedicine.

The funding will be directed toward Bascom Palmer’s Center for Ophthalmic Innovation to help join science, engineering, and medicine find practical solutions for better eye health. This funding will enable physicians, scientists, and engineers to work together to conduct critical vision research and use cutting edge technology across medicine, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering.

Presently, Bascom Palmer’s Advanced Retinal Image Reading Center uses a non invasive imaging technology called Optical Coherence Tomography as a secondary outcome measure for ophthalmic clinical trials, and for telemedicine applications. The Center is led by medical retina specialists who care for patients at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute’s hospital and clinics advancing the technological frontiers. The Center’s telemedicine applications are being developed in partnership with Anne E. Burdick, MD, Associate Dean for Telehealth and Clinical Outreach at the Miller School of Medicine with start-up funding provided by TATRC.

The other University of Miami centers to receive DOD funding are the William Lehman Injury Research Center and the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education.