Sunday, May 25, 2008

E-Prescribing Report Coming

The eHealth Initiative and the Center for Improving Medication Management are going to release the report “Health IT, Electronic Medical Records, Personal Health Records, Transforming Patient Care” on June 11, 2008. The report will be released in conjunction with a conference organized by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the eHealth Initiative in Washington D.C.

The report details the impact of e-prescribing on physicians, consumers, employers, health plans, and policy makers nationwide. Based on research as well as on the actual use of paperless prescribing since 2004, the report summarizes the national experience with e-prescribing technology from pilot phase in several states such as California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Rhode Island, to present day use in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

The report is based on the combined efforts and experience of over 35,000 prescribers and approximately 40,000 pharmacies. The report offers clinicians and other healthcare providers’ guidelines for successful adoption, the best ways to gain safety and quality benefits from e-prescribing systems, as well as independent information regarding what they can and should expect from their healthcare IT system providers. The report also includes three practical guides: one for physicians, one for consumers, and one for health plans and employers.

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