Sunday, August 3, 2008

BCBSM Foundation Issues RFP

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation has issued an RFP to improve patient safety in ambulatory care. The purpose for the RFP initiative is to encourage research as well as provide for demonstration and evaluation projects.

The goal is to identify, and implement best practices to improve patient safety. In addition, there are many innovations developed in various non healthcare fields such as information management and communication that also need to be considered and adapted to ambulatory settings.

The program is seeking to improve the accuracy of patient identification, improve communication among caregivers, reduce the risk of infections, improve the safety of medications, accurately reconcile medications across the continuum of care and physicians, and encourage patient involvement in their own care.

The Foundation seeks proposals from Michigan-based physicians and doctoral-level researchers based at universities, academic medical settings, community health organizations, and health systems. The Foundation funds research conducted by non-profit organizations but does not provide support to for-profit organizations or individuals associated with organizations not located in Michigan.

The Foundation has $500,000 available for this initiative and plans to award one or more multi-year grants. Grant funding under this program will not pay for equipment, hardware, software, or on-going operating expenses.

The proposals are due September 9, 2008. For more information, go to or email Nora Maloy at