Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alaska Healthcare Expanding

The Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA) selected GCI ConnectMD to be their service provider so that the quality of healthcare will improve throughout the state. By selecting GCI ConnectMD, APCA will be able to provide Alaskans with medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare and integrate health IT into six of Alaska’s most remote regions.

To accomplish this goal, GCI ConnectMD will design, implement, and manage a WAN infrastructure to support the Alaska Community Health Integrated Network (ACHIN), a project of APCA. ACHIN recently deployed Practice Management and Electronic Health Record applications, plus two IT improvements to increase business efficiencies and improve the quality of care. Remote clinics are now going to be connected to one another for the first time and have the necessary technological support needed to provide good quality healthcare.

In addition, GCI ConnectMD and the Inland Northwest Health Services will implement an agreement scheduled to be put in place in October. The partnership will significantly expand the reach and services available to member healthcare facilities and patients. Customers of both GCI ConnectMD and INHS will now have access additional services and resources available through a network cross-connection. This will enable doctors to consult on patients and provide continuing education programs along with staff training.

INHS is providing much needed services in rural communities throughout the Northwest TeleHealth network, said Nancy Vorhees, Chief Operating Officer of INHS which operates Northwest TeleHealth. She said “this collaboration will strengthen the relationship and communication between health providers and in turn improve patient care.”