Sunday, September 28, 2008

CDC Funds Influenza Preparedness

CDC awarded $24 million for 55 projects in 29 states and local public health departments to find innovative ways to respond to a pandemic involving influenza. Many of these projects involve the use of technology to develop electronic laboratory data exchanges, and electronic systems to report deaths. A total of 184 funding applications were submitted.

The projects focus on seven key areas:

  • Involve the public in the public health decision-making process
  • Develop electronic laboratory data exchanges to monitor influenza pandemics
  • Integrate state-based immunization systems to be able to track distribution of influenza pandemic countermeasures
  • Develop statewide electronic death reporting systems to be compliant with PHIN requirements
  • Have healthcare providers involved in collaborative planning to ensure the delivery of essential services during an influenza pandemic
  • Develop methods to promote preparedness for pandemic disease among identified vulnerable populations
  • Distribute and dispense of antiviral drugs to self-isolated or self-quarantined persons

The states that received funding to provide for electronic laboratory exchanges include California, Colorado Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico Oregon, Rhode Island, and Texas. States that received funding to provide for electronic death reporting are Florida Maine, Michigan, and Utah.