Wednesday, October 1, 2008

AHRQ Plans for HIT

On September 25th, ARHQ released future plans to support HIT. These plans include demonstration projects using health IT to improve quality, studies to support real world health IT implementation, and small research grants to improve healthcare quality. However, funding for the projects is dependent on the availability of funds. As of 2008, AHRQ’s Health Information Technology Portfolio has invested over $260 million in contracts and grants to over 150 communities, hospitals, providers, and healthcare systems in 44 states.

The Funding Opportunity Announcements released on 9/25 include:

  • “Utilizing Health Information Technology to Improve Health Care Quality” (PAR-08-270) to study how health IT can be successfully implemented to improve quality, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency in ambulatory settings and between care settings. So far, the use of health IT has been demonstrated to improve healthcare in various large healthcare delivery systems, but little data has been available on the use of health IT in ambulatory settings. The closing date for applications is May 07, 2011
  • “Exploratory and Developmental Grants to Improve Healthcare Quality through HIT “(PAR-08-269) to do studies on how health IT improves the quality and safety of healthcare. Studies will be done on medication management, patient-centered care, and how health IT can be used to improve healthcare decision making. January 16, 2009 is the earliest date for submission
  • “Small Research Grants to Improve Healthcare Quality through Health IT” (PAR-08-268) to do small pilot and feasibility health IT research projects. Opening date to receive grant proposals is January 16, 2009.

Public and state institutions of higher education, county governments, Native American tribal organizations and governments, eligible Federal government agencies, and Faith-based or community-based organizations are eligible for the grants. For PAR-08-268, individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups as well as individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

For more information, go to Email Angela Lavanderos at or call 301-427-1505.