Monday, October 13, 2008

CPAC Releases RFP

The California Program on Access to Care (CPAC) established by the University of California just released their 14th Annual RFP focusing on healthcare access for vulnerable populations. CPAC gives special attention to immigrant workers, their families, and low income households in agricultural and rural areas. CPAC is particularly interested in proposals that include the study of low income populations such as those eligible for and/or enrolled in Medi-Cal and Healthy Families (S-CHIP).

Projects that address health information technology and processes will be considered along with research to assess the use IT or processes to improve access to care. Another research area of interest concerns healthcare workforce issues to support the need for healthcare providers for rural areas and other underserved communities. There is also interest for research on how to strengthen community health safety net programs, including federally funded Community Health Centers, county or hospital supported health clinics, and certain district hospitals.

In addition, CPAC is looking for projects addressing bi-national healthcare collaboration, corporate responsibility, consumer involvement, and local health coverage initiatives. CPAC will also consider proposals in other areas provided they are consistent with the program’s overall mission.

Grants for a minimum of $300,000 in university funds will be available and are normally funded for six to nine months. However, CPAC will consider funding for longer term projects particularly if the PI or CPAC is able to secure outside foundation or state support to augment CPAC funds. The final amount available for individual awards many will not be determined until January 2009. Last year awards ranged from $5,000 to $65,000.

Grants will also be awarded for concept papers in the $5,000 to $10,000 range. Concept papers are needed so that the information can be analyzed from completed research and used to help develop state policies related to healthcare access. Dissertation grants and postdoctoral fellowships will also be funded with awards up to $15,000. The awards are intended to provide support for short term policy research projects.

CPAC encourages applications from health policy and or healthcare researchers affiliated with California academic institutions or non-profit research organizations.

A letter of intent is due Tuesday November 4, 2008. Approved applicants will be invited by November 13th to prepare and submit a full proposal. Full proposals are due by December 11, 2008. An application form for the Letter of Intent can be obtained from the CPAC web site at For further information, contact Gil Ojeda, CPAC Director at (510) 643-3140 or Ann Munoz, Program Manager (510) 642-3729.