Saturday, April 18, 2009

Behavior Imaging Treats Autism

In a new study funded by NIH, educators overwhelmingly embrace Behavior Imaging technology as a telemedicine tool for more effectively treating children with autism. Dr. Uwe Reischel, M.D., Ph.D, of Boise State University coordinated a study that examined not only the efficacy of “B.I. Capture” (a behavior imaging tool that captures and stores behavioral events via remote control video) in treating students with autism, but also looked at how easy it is for teachers and behavior specialists to use the technology.

“We are finding that autism educators are receptive to using telemedicine and specifically B.I. than we had originally expected,” noted Reischl. “This is especially so for participants who not only want to use it for behavior analysis, but who also see it as a useful tool for assessing student skills, giving or receiving consultation, and for training students and staff.”

Behavior Imaging was initially developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology and is now marketed by Caring Technologies/TalkAutism in Boise, ID. The system is able to capture on video, a child’s behavioral episodes in educational, clinical, and home environments. Behavioral data is captured on video and then the video is used to characterize recognized aspects of behavior to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of autism. The video can be viewed, annotated, and stored online, so that behavioral experts can guide students progress from anywhere in the world.

An earlier phase of the study demonstrated that the technology enabled a 43% reduction in errors when collecting data for the Functional Behavior Assessment program. Now in addition to more effective clinical diagnoses and treatment, behavior imaging can help qualified practitioners save time and money by not always observing autistic behavior in people in person.

“B.I Care” is another platform now used by professionals to diagnose, evaluate, treat, train, and provide remote consultation for autism, TBI, PTSD, and other conditions. The new system B.I. Care will be unveiled and exhibited at the ATA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas and complements B.I Capture.

For more information go to www.bicapture or call Brian C. Cronin at (208) 439-8493. Contact Caring Technologies Inc/TalkAutism for information on both B.I Capture and B.I Care. Call +1.208.629.8778 or cell at +1.609.240.3187.