Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ohio Invests in Stimulation Tech

JumpStart Inc., the Northeast Ohio’s venture development organization and Case Technology Ventures, a pre-seed stage venture capital and technology validation fund at Case Western Reserve University, recently invested $375,000 in Neuros Medical Inc a company commercializing neurostimulation technology.

The technology was developed by Kevin Kilgore and Niloy Bhadra doctors and researchers at Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and MetroHealth Medical Center. The technology designed in partnership with the Cleveland Functional Electrical Stimulation Center and referred to as “Nerve Block” delivers high-frequency stimulation to sensory nerves in the peripheral nervous system to block chronic pain.

The system consists of an electrode that is placed around a peripheral nerve and powered by a pace-maker size generator implanted in the body. The generator operates at a much higher frequency range than conventional neurostimulation devices.

The Neuros technology is able to stop nerve activity to block pain completely as opposed to simply masking the pain signal. The company’s initial target market is patients with chronic pain, specifically residual limb pain, a common occurrence after undergoing limb amputation due to vascular disease, circulatory issues, diabetes, cancer, or trauma-related events. Case has secured a patent for this unique high-frequency application with two additional patents pending.

Neuros CEO Jon Snyder said “This investment recognizes the positive results of our research, validates the potential in the technology, and will support continued clinical trial plans and future commercialization efforts.”