Sunday, July 19, 2009

Biosensing Grants Available

The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) grant notice released on July 13th, seeks innovative and transformative ways to deal with bio-inspired engineering devices needed to meet the engineering and technology needs of the nation. The NSF Biosensing program targets research on potential technological breakthroughs to work together in the fields of engineering, life sciences, and information technology.

Projects must advance both engineering and life sciences and may range from single investigator to multi-investigator collaborative research efforts. Development of these devices will require collaborative efforts between engineers, life scientists, and experts in nanotechnology, biomaterials, bioinformatics, and chemical and physical sciences.

The Biosensing program is specifically looking for highly sensitive and discriminative biosensing easy to operate sensor systems with a highly selective response to multiple analytes under variable conditions. Other needs are for cell and tissue-based sensors to monitor environmental physiological and genetic responses, smart field deployable molecular sentinels, molecular sensors capable for monitoring biological structures, and ways to combine the different sensing platforms.

The closing date for applications is September 17th, 2009. The full proposal window is from August 15, 2009 to September 17, 2009. The estimated total program funding is $2,300,000 and the award ceiling is $600,000, with five awards expected.

For more information, go to, or contact Alex Simonian at (703) 292-4826 or email