Sunday, August 16, 2009

AHRQ Posts Grant Notice

On August 13th, AHRQ posted a notice soliciting grant applications to do systematic studies to transform the delivery of primary care. Providers, employers, insurers, and others have suggested the Patient-Centered Medical Home as a model to improve primary care in this country. As a result, numerous healthcare systems and medical groups are currently attempting to transform their primary care practices into PCMHs.

The research will look at whether healthcare quality improves when practices are transformed into a PCMH and examine how the transformation occurred, the impact on costs of care, and how the patients rate the experience. In addition, researchers will look at the organizational and contextual factors within the practices that have influenced the success of these efforts.

The estimated total funding for the program is $3,200,000 with 10 to 12 grant awards to be awarded. The closing date for the applications is November 18, 2009. Eligible applicants can include state, county, local governments, or Native American tribal governments. Public and private institutions of higher education are also eligible to apply.

For more information on “Transforming Primary Care Practice” (R18), go to The funding Opportunity Number is RFA-HS-10-002.