Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Medical Trade Center to Open

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen plans to locate the world’s first medical trade center on the site of the current Nashville Convention Center. “The Nashville Medical Trade Center is an innovative way to take cost, complexity, and time out of the procurement process for healthcare providers.

We believe physicians, healthcare administrators and caregivers of all kinds will come to Nashville to evaluate firsthand the latest technologies available”, said David Osborn, PhD, formerly of the Health Care Solutions Group now the company’s senior advisor for the project.

Having the medical trade center in Tennessee means that the state will be home to an important new concept in the marketing and procurement of medical equipment, technology, and services, said Bredesen. “The healthcare industry is a significant economic engine for our state and this project represents a major investment in our state’s healthcare economy.

The Market Center Management Company will oversee the work on the proposed trade center and will begin immediately to work on pre-leasing the proposed trade center’s permanent exhibition.

Development is contingent on pre-leasing a significant amount of exhibit space and securing financing. Developers estimate the cost of the project to be in the neighborhood of $250 million and estimate that the project will create approximately 2,700 new jobs.