Sunday, April 18, 2010

DOL Announces Grant Funding

The Department of Labor (DOL) is going to award $13.2 million to prepare workers for careers in the healthcare sector. The goal is to create an online platform using standardized data and programming interfaces with the infrastructure in place to support new applications. The Employment and Training Administration (ETA at DOL is particularly interested in supporting the development of a platform that will emphasize opportunities within health technology and healthcare support occupations.

There are two grant categories in this funding program. Category 1 provides funding for one grant up to $6.6 million to create and manage the Healthcare Virtual Career Platform (HVCP). Eligible applicants for this category include private nonprofit organizations with a nationally focused mission.

Some of the key deliverables for Category 1 are to identify what virtual tools and services are currently available, develop a gap analysis, have the ability to build and operate the HVCP, and be able to develop an assessment tool.

Category 2 grant funding includes $6.6 million for two to four grants to deliver virtual career exploration services that will include healthcare careers. This category requires the ability to conduct training on using the HVCP and provide training for the staff from local One-Stop Career Centers.

Applicants for Category 2 can include private national nonprofit organizations that deliver services through networks of local affiliates, coalition members, or other established partners including nonprofit operators of One-Stop Career Centers.

Some of the key deliverables for Category 2 are to deliver computer workstations, increase broadband capacity or internet access, obtain software to include computer literacy assessments, and develop training modules to help customers learn about using online services.

The applications for the funding are due on May 7, 2010 and the grants are schedule to be awarded by June. 30. For more information, go to the April 7, 2010 Federal Register or go to