Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SSA Looks to the Future

The 7th Meeting of the Social Security Administration’s Future Systems Technology Advisory Panel Meeting will take place on May 4th in Philadelphia at the Hotel Palomer. The Advisory Panel was established in 2008 to provide independent advice and recommendations on the future of systems technology and electronic services at SSA looking five to ten years into the future.

The panel’s recommendations will provide SSA with a roadmap of future systems technologies that will be needed in the areas of internet applications, customer service, privacy, and any other area of importance to SSA.

The panel is composed of 14 members from academia and private industry with experts in future computer systems technology and other related areas. Issues under discussion include strategies for service delivery, plans for data center replacement, privacy and fraud detection, conversion of legacy systems, and systems development,

John D. Halamaka, M.D., Chairman for the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel serves on the panel along with Phil Becker, Associate Commissioner, Office of Telecommunications and Systems Operations at SSA.

The Health Information Technology and Backlog Management subcommittee is going to tackle issues such as health IT management related to storing, using, and processing medical information along with the immediate need for technology to reduce disability backlogs. The subcommittee would like to see a long term HIT vision as part of an ultimate disability service model.

The meeting agenda will be available one week before the meeting. For more information, go to the April 12th Federal Register or email or call (410) 965-0201.