Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Open Mic Forum" Next Week

The Northern Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC) announced that their “Open Mic Forum” will be held on Monday, September 13th at 3:00pm MDT. With an unprecedented level of telehealth activities and funding opportunities available, a number of persistent barriers are limiting potential growth in the delivery of clinical services.

This forum presents an opportunity to understand the CMS reimbursement process and learn what your network can do to seek reimbursement for clinical services not currently reimbursed. After the forum and further discussion, NRTRC will provide CMS with a list of five procedures to be included in the 2012 payment structure.

Greg Billings, Senior Government Relations Director in DrinkerBiddle’s government and regulatory affairs practice group will moderate the forum. He works primarily in the healthcare arena representing and advising providers, medical simulation training organizations, and nonprofit health systems on telemedicine issues.

NRTRC provides technical assistance, information on telehealth as a healthcare delivery tool, how to improve access to specialty care through regional collaboration, and how to develop information on best practices and telehealth toolkits.

For more information on how to register for the “Open Mic Forum”, go to www.nrtrc.org or email patricia.udelhoven@swh-mt.org.