Sunday, November 14, 2010

Diversinet Receives Army Contract

The Army has signed a 5 year deal with Toronto based Diversinet to use the company’s “MobiSecure Health” platform to expand the Army’s mCare Program following a successful one-year pilot program. The Army will now be able to track the progress of as many as 10,000 wounded warriors returning home or returning to community-based transition units following initial recuperation from TBI and other wounds in military medical facilities. As of November 5th, mCare has delivered over 43,000 messages to over 460 Warriors-in-Transition across 28 states.

mCare was developed by modifying commercial off-the-shelf technologies under the oversight of the Army’s Medical Research and Material Command’s and their Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC). The application was taken from concept to operations in less than 6 months and works on 270 different mobile device brands.

Specifically, Diversinet’s technology will ramp up mobile health communications services using:

• MobiSecure Wallet and Vault—The downloadable mobile application offers secure two-way communications so that critical personal information can be stored and accessed on mobile devices anytime/anywhere
• MobiSecure SMS—The product enables the mCare team to exchange sensitive information by using two-way text-based messaging via mobile devices with wounded warriors

“Helping the Army expand mCare from an extensive pilot to a formal program with a five year contract is very rewarding as it demonstrates our leadership in securing mobile healthcare applications under some of the toughest guidelines in the industry,” said Albert Wahbe, Diversinet’s Chairman and CEO.

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