Sunday, November 14, 2010

State Issues RFP

The New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID) in association with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NHDHHS) received an award from the HHS Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight to evaluate planning options needed to establish the Insurance Exchange in the state.

NHID issued an RFP on November 5th and plans to contract with one or more vendors to assistance in the planning efforts to establish the exchange. All proposals must be submitted by November 29, 2010 with the letter of intent submitted by November 24th 2010.

The Scope of Work for the project is divided into six segments:

• Segment 1—Overall planning and coordination
• Segment2—Research and analysis to identify development requirements
• Segment 3—Econometric and actuarial modeling and current insurance market study
• Segment 4—Stakeholder involvement and communication
• Segment 5—Program integration opportunities and strategies
• Segment 6—Information technology assessment and conceptual design

For Segment 6, the planning will be relative to the commercial insurance technical components of the exchange and the vendor needs to provide a web portal, provide system integration with the state plus other systems, provide for call center technology, provide enterprise content management to include imaging/scanning, a premium payments system, a master client index, and address security, fraud, and abuse.

The vendor or vendors selected may use subcontractors to deliver services. The project’s six segments may be bid on separately or all together.

For more information, go to and click on RFP 2010-HBE-1 or email Leslie Ludtke, Contract Administrator, NH Insurance Department at