Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funding Opportunity Issued

The Defense Medical Research and Development Program (DMRDP) released a funding opportunity on April 19, 2011 “Clinical Trial Award for Regenerative Medicine, Pain, and Sensory Systems” (CTA-RPS) to be funded in FY 12.

CTA-RPS will support early phase clinical trials with the potential to have a major impact on treating combat-related injuries in the areas of pain, restoration of sensory systems (balance, hearing, and vision), and regenerative medicine technologies.

Proposed projects need to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of novel therapies and diagnostics in human patients suffering from serious, debilitating injuries of the extremities, skin, and sensory systems of the craniomaxillofacial area due to trauma. Of interest are projects focused on testing and translating investigational interventions already proven in relevant animal models and then moving these interventions into advance clinical development.

The focus research areas are:

• Regenerative medicine—Research to promote tissue repair and reconstruction through the use of stem cells, progenitor cells, growth factors, biomaterials, and/or immunomodulation

• Pain—Research needs to include early phase clinical trials of novel pharmaceuticals or devices with the potential for significant impact on the alleviation of pain in wounded warriors. Novel analgesics are sought for the full spectrum of acute and chronic pain

• Vision—Research should include early phase clinical trials of novel pharmaceuticals and devices focused on restoration and rehabilitation of vision loss

The DMRDP expects to allot $15.3 million of the FY 12 appropriation to fund approximately five CTA-RPS applications. FY 11 DMRDP funds for up to $15 million may also be available to fund an additional five CTA-RPS applications. Funding for this program is contingent upon the availability of federal funds for the program and on the quality and number of applications received.

Applications for the funding can include investigators within the military services but also multidisciplinary collaborations among academia, industry, military services, Department of Veterans Affairs, and other federal government agency.

Go to to view the program announcement. For questions, email or call the Congressional Directed Medical Research Programs help desk at 1-301-682-5507. The application deadline for the DMRDP program announcement (W81XWH-12-DMRDP-CTA-RPS) is August 25, 2011.