Wednesday, April 27, 2011

State Issues RFP for HIE

The state of Connecticut’s Department of Information Technology, IT Contracts, & Purchasing Division has issued an RFP for the Health Information Technology Exchange (HITE-CT). The HIT-CT will connect physicians and other healthcare professionals in the state with the initial effort to support Meaningful Use Stage 1. However, the longer term goals are to support a broad spectrum of clinical and population health services.

Today, the state licenses and regulates 16,690 physicians, 32 acute care and children’s hospitals, 14 community health centers with over 50 satellite sites, 77 local health departments, 241 nursing homes, 251 outpatient clinics, 424 behavioral health facilities, and 29 urgent care centers. Beyond physicians, the Department of Health licenses over 60 different practitioner titles plus the state has hundreds of emergency medical services managed by municipal, public, and private entities.

There are currently five statewide collaborative initiatives within the state and six local HIE initiatives already under way which are expected to become part of the HITE-CT with varying timelines.

In order to support this project and future growth, HITE-CT plans to establish an XDS Document Sharing Infrastructure for the HIE within the state along with NHIN Direct support for those providers unable to connect to the exchange.

The RFP was issued April 14, 2011 with submissions due May 13, 2011. Short list vendors will be asked to present demonstrations of the products that they propose via web-based conferencing. These conferences will be completed by June 10, 2011.

Go to, to view the RFP.