Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portable Images Available 24/7

The NIH Clinical Center’s Radiology and Imaging Sciences is using an innovative new system to enable users to access scans anywhere/anytime there is an internet connection. Operating as a mobile viewing room, the system is designed to work with any browser-enabled device, especially portable wireless devices or tablets.

The new PACS is fast, portable, and user-friendly allowing users to take images with them to meetings, conferences, or even to the library for reference when doing research. Users can search for data by patient name and open and view scans without being tied down to a desktop system, enabling efficient communications between physicians, radiologists, and patients.

The system is easy to navigate and display massive amounts of patient image data very quickly. “Image PACS have previously been designed for expert radiologists, but we know that patient care occurs at the bedside, in the conference room, or in the clinic,” said Dr. David Bluemke, Director for Radiology and Imaging Sciences.

Physicians and researchers can access patient images using their NIH username and login in at