Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Detecting Hospital Adverse Events

An invention available from the NIH Office of Technology Transfer could benefit public health and patient care. The technology can be used commercially by medical centers, hospitals, and commercial developers of hospital information systems. The technology could be used successfully as part of the NIH Clinical Center Clinical Research Informatics System now operating in the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda Maryland.

It is basically a computer science-based technology that can detect untoward events such as:

• A patient crisis
• Individual clinic adverse occurrences
• Adverse reactions related to new medication lots
• Inconsistencies in ordered and delivered patient medications

The technology has a dedicated computer server that executes specially designed software with input data from a main hospital information system and other relevant patient data sensors and systems.

The technology also includes design specifications for constructing a “patient registration system”, an untoward event specification catalogue, intelligent software for detecting untoward events, a light and sound panel design for signaling untoward alerts, and includes a report listing untoward alerts.

For more information contact Michael Shmilovich at (301) 435-5019 or email shmiloym@mail.nih.gov.