Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PCORI Announces Funding

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) created by the Affordable Care Act as a non-profit governmental organization, released their PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA) to focus on PCORI Pilot Projects. PCORI is going to commit up to $13 million in 2012 in support of 40 awards. Funding may be requested for up to $250,000 in direct costs per year for up to two years.

The PCORI Pilot Projects will help PCORI develop national research priorities for patient-centered outcomes research. The pilots will support collecting preliminary data to be used in ongoing and future research.

Eligible projects under this PFA must address:

• Methods to bring together patients, caregivers, clinicians, and stakeholders in all of the stages in the research process

• Develop decision support tools for translating evidence-based care into healthcare practices, identify gaps in comparative evidence knowledge, develop predictive tools, and develop tools to assess the patient perspective when researching behavior and lifestyles with the patient’s control

• Studying the patient care team’s interaction in situations where multiple options for wellness, prevention, diagnosis or treatment exist

• The advancement of analytical methods for CER

Eligible applicants can be higher education institutions, nonprofits, for-profit organizations, government, and others such as regional organizations, faith-based or community-based organizations, Native American Tribal organizations, non-domestic entities, and foreign components of U.S. organizations.

A webinar will be held October 18, 2011, letters of intent are due November 1, 2011, and applications are due December 1, 2022. Go to to view the funding announcement.