Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Telehealth Alliance Formed

MedApps, Inc., a mobile telehealth innovator is aligning with MedMinder a company helping chronically ill seniors and those with disabilities maintain their independence. The Alliance is going to improve the ability to deliver connected and remote medication management. Both companies have led the way in their respective areas of expertise within the telehealth market by providing affordable, easy to use, patient-centered remote monitoring solutions.

According to Kent Dicks, Founder and CEO MedApps, “The challenge with any prescribed therapy for patient care is compliance whether that means a patient is taking their blood pressure or glucose readings on a daily basis or taking their medication when they are supposed to so that the caregiver can effectively manage their conditions.”

MedMinder offers their smart cellular pillbox referred to as “Maya” complete with innovative features to enable medication management. Maya can track the dosage activity of patients, deliver optional medication reminders or alerts if the medication is not taken within an assigned timeframe, or report if an incorrect medication compartment is inadvertently accessed.

MedMinder not only keeps detailed records of patient medication activities but also can provide access to reports for the user, the family, and caregivers via the internet, email, and by text notification. MedMinder’s capabilities with MedApps supply of consistent near-real time biometric data will be able to deliver a coordinated solution for medication management.

“We are very excited about partnering with MedApps and integrating into their remote health monitoring platform,” said MedMinder Founder and CEO Eran Shavelsky.

In addition, MedApps Cloud Care™ enables health information delivery to allow a variety of manufactured devices to be integrated into a remote monitoring program very quickly with a minimum of coordination time. CloudCare is the first in the telehealth field to deliver “Plug & Play” platform.

For more information, go to www.medapps.com or go to www.medminder.com.