Sunday, February 5, 2012

State DOH Issues RFI

The State of Tennessee Department of Health (DOH) issued RFI (#34349-75312) to determine the interest in providing services through the “Hospital Preparedness Program” (HPP) available through the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Cooperative Agreement administered by the state.

The DOH’s Emergency Preparedness Program (EP) receives funding from ASPR to help Tennessee hospitals and other state healthcare providers with emergency preparedness planning and to effectively provide surge capacity response during all hazards emergencies. As required by the ASPR cooperative agreement, the emergency preparedness program needs to be able to broaden the outreach of services provided.

The state is requesting through the RFI, information from organizations that have provided or have the capacity to provide services and will be able to:

• Maintain a database of contact information for all Tennessee hospitals
• Coordinate with the Tennessee Health Care Association and the Tennessee Center for Assisted Living to plan emergency preparedness requirements
• Prepare a healthcare gap analysis that will identify opportunities for improvement and then be able to communicate this information to healthcare organizations particularly hospitals.
• Disseminate Hospital Preparedness Program information to agencies interested in receiving it through blast faxes or emails at the request of the state
• Facilitate training and provide information on upcoming topics to interested agencies
• Host a dedicated internet web page as a resource to provide general ongoing information about the program
• Identify hospitals and/or Long Term Care (LTC) facilities in the state with surge capacity needs and then sub contract with them to meet those needs
• Facilitate Crisis Standards of Care planning with the State, hospitals, LTC providers, and other interested partners
• Generate a written Crisis Standards of Care plan

The State is looking for organizations to provide the specific services listed above, but also wants details on experience, minimum staffing patterns your organization requires, any innovative approaches to providing these services, any relevant experience in emergency preparedness, along with the timeline required for your organization to fully implement all deliverables.

This RFI is not a competition. No evaluation of participating vendors will occur and participation is not a promise of future business with the state. However, responding to the RFI does not preclude the vendor from bidding on any future solicitations. Pricing information must not be submitted with your information packet.

The RFI response is due February 17, 2012. Email Judy Dengler, RFI Coordinator, Bureau of Health Services Administration, DOH located in Nashville TN at or call (615) 532-2214 for more information.