Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Report on Federal Activities Released

Bloch Consulting Group has just published the 2009 edition of its comprehensive report on federal government activities in telemedicine, telehealth, and health IT.

This newly released 200 page report includes information on grants, funding, and contracting opportunities at 24 cabinet-level and independent agencies throughout the government and includes URLs for government web sites to search for even more information on federal activities.

According to Editor Carolyn Bloch, this year’s report is exceptionally timely. “With a new administration set to arrive in Washington in just a few weeks, many agencies will be taking a fresh look at funding new initiatives to reform healthcare systems and technologies.”

“Uncovering new information in the field along with grant and contracting opportunities can be difficult because these activities are spread throughout dozens of agencies and departments throughout the government,” she added. “This in-depth report makes it easier for executives, professionals, consultants—and anyone researching telemedicine and health IT—to quickly zero in on specific areas of interest.”

Also available is the 2007 edition of “How to Sell Healthcare Technologies to HHS,” a 30 page report on techniques needed for developing key HHS contacts and how to secure grants and contracting opportunities within HHS.

More information on both of these reports is available at the Bloch Consulting Group web site at