Sunday, March 1, 2009

HRSA Posts Announcement

HRSA’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) posted grant announcement (HRSA-09-180) on February 23, 2009 to help develop a comprehensive child health profile. The goal is to integrate related data systems, develop a health information sharing infrastructure, coordinate public and private programs, and capture health information in a timely manner. The grant proposal is due April 15, 2009.

This program is needed to support decision making at the point of healthcare service delivery and to develop more effective community based public health interventions. MCHB’s Office of Data and Program Development is emphasizing electronic health information exchange to support the President’s major healthcare objectives.

The grant request seeks support for two projects:

  • Project 1—To advance health information technology in maternal and child health by developing early a pregnancy intervention program through a health information exchange. The funds will build upon a public-private partnership between a state or RHIO, public health department, and a state Medicaid Office to help target high risk pregnant women and infants. Funding will be provided for FY 2009-2010 with $300,000 expected to be available
  • Project 2—To implement a web-based electronic birth records system and assist the states that have not yet implemented the system. Funding for FY 2009-2010 is expected to be $400,000

All public or private entities including an Indian tribe or tribal organization, faith based, and community based organizations are eligible to apply for this Federal funding.

For specific information on the grant announcement, go to or contact Mary Worrell Grants Management Specialist at or call 301-443-1581. For information on the overall program, contact Mary Kay Kenney, Office of Data and Program Evaluation, at or call 301-443-0755.