Wednesday, March 4, 2009

States Launch Stimulus Sites

Several states have set up stimulus web sites to help residents learn about the federal stimulus law, how stimulus dollars will be spent in individual states, and how the sites will track specific recovery projects. A number of states are planning web sites but some of the state sites are already up and running.

A few of the sites:

  • Alabama is expected to receive $3 billion. The site provides information on funds for various programs at The site will be updated to reflect new information on the stimulus law as federal agencies issue specific regulations on funding uses and requirements. The site will soon include a feature to allow organizations and individuals to submit proposals for use of the funds. At that point, submitted proposals will be reviewed to identify projects that might qualify for funding. Much of the information regarding individual programs and applications is not yet available
  • Massachusetts is expected to receive between $6 and $9 billion over the next two-plus years. The governor has plans to invest in infrastructure, information technology, and broadband access. The website will enable residents to track state performance in implementing projects and the success of those projects. Last December, the Patrick Administration began mobilizing for recovery aid and established Task Forces to review and develop clean energy, education, information technology, and other projects that may be eligible for federal funding
  • Ohio is working to lower healthcare costs. The website is an interactive portal for entities to submit proposals for stimulus dollars and to view general information. As of 3/1/2009, 13,423 proposals have been submitted
  • Maryland’s site will enable residents to track projects using the Geographic-Information System. The state is planning a series of workshops for local government officials to share information about applying for grant money and to examine the impact and flow of the dollars coming to the state. StateStat will maintain the site
  • Virginia launched with interactive features and capabilities to enable users to view submitted projects by location or category. The evaluation of submitted projects will begin Friday March 6th. The data breaks down projects by county, category, cost, and produces a daily tally of projects submitted. Since February 10th, more than 3,300 project ideas for funding have been submitted
  • Wisconsin’s site will provide information on where the stimulus funds are going to go within the state along with the activities, projects, and programs that will be eligible for the funds. Information is provided on potential projects and eligibility requirements for funds. In the future, the site will go to specific state agencies and programs that will be administering the contracts and grants
  • New York is expected to receive at least $24.6 billion from ARRA of 2009. The site will track how funds are spent and where to submit proposals for funding. The Governor created the New York State Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Cabinet to manage the development of state and local infrastructure projects.