Sunday, October 25, 2009

CalRHIO's First Site Goes Live

The first site in CalRHIO’s statewide health information exchange system went live in Orange County at Coastal Communities Hospital. As a result of collaboration between CalRHIO and the local HIE effort; the Orange County Partnership Regional Health Information Organization’s (OCPRHIO) 23 hospital emergency departments will have secure electronic access to critical medical information over the next five months.

Initially data will be provided on 380,000 patients enrolled in CalOptima, covering people in Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Healthy Kids. During 2010, more data sources will be added to include prescription histories, laboratory results, and additional clinical claims information. Additional Orange County providers will have access to the data as well in support of OCPRHIO and State of California strategic plans.

“The launch demonstrates how communities can affordably and efficiently bring the benefits of electronic health information exchange to their residents. While we are starting with emergency departments, CalRHIO will also bring patient data to physician offices and clinics around the state”, said Molly Coye, MD, MPH, CalRHIO’s President and CEO.

“Our physicians and nurses are very excited about having this new source of information”, said Nova Stewart, OCPRHIO Chair and Chief Information Officer for Integrated Healthcare Holdings, Inc. She continues to report that four integrated Healthcare Holdings hospitals will be among the first to use the new HIE system along with Coastal Communities Hospital, Western Medical Center Anaheim, Western Medical Center Santa Ana, and Chapman Medical Center.