Sunday, October 4, 2009

NY Funding Health IT

New York Governor David A. Paterson recently announced that $436 million has been awarded under the Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law of New York State (HEAL NY) to further improve healthcare in the state. Nearly $60 million of the funding through HEAL NY Phase 10 will go to community-based health IT projects to build a more streamlined approach to sharing patient information.

The $60 million in HIT funding will help to develop the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model to establish a partnership among doctors, nurses, patients, and their families to ensure that patients have the support needed to participate in their own care.

The HIT funding will help the following medical home-based initiatives:

• The Hudson Headwaters Health Network’s “Adirondack Health Institute Care Improvement Initiative” was awarded $ 7,000,000 to work with the Adirondack patient-centered medical home pilot to improve regional healthcare services. Providers will apply population-based evidence-based and patient-centered approaches to treat diabetes using electronic health records and care management tools. Providers will connect to the State Health Information Network for NY

• Maimonides Medical Center’s “Southwest Brooklyn Patient-Centered Medical and Mental Health Home Project” was awarded $6,744,945 to use electronic health records with select outpatient primary care and mental health clinics and to provide access to the State Health Information Network

• The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s “Primary Care Information Project’s Patient-Centered Medical Home” was awarded $6,996,837 to coordinate care for the patient population served by more than 2,000 providers and to use electronic health records to improve diabetes care

• The Island Peer Review Organization’s “Improving Care Coordination and Management Project” was awarded $5,297,418 to establish health information technology infrastructure to improve coordination and management through the patient-centered medical home model for adult patients with diabetes

• The North Shore University Hospital’s “Model for High Risk Obstetrics Using Electronic Medical Records” was awarded $6,997,800 to deal with the complexity of high risk pregnancies that require the coordination of care through a single provider. The project will use a patient-centered medical home model to improve the coordination and management of these patients through HIT

• The Hudson River Healthcare Inc. was awarded $5,902,937 and the Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization was awarded $6,676,804 to establish “North County Health Information Partnerships” (N-CHIP). These initiatives will establish the patient-centered medical home model to implement electronic health records and to be part of the health information exchange to coordinate care for adult patients with CPOD in areas with unusually high rates of hospitalizations

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