Sunday, October 25, 2009

NIH Seeks Ideas

NIH’s Clinical Center Pharmacy Department is conducting a market survey to use for planning purposes to look for ideas from small businesses to determine their availability and technical capabilities to provide a dispensing system for outpatient/take-home medications. This “Sources Sought Synopsis” was published October 16th and is not considered a Request for Proposal nor will a purchase order or contract be awarded based on this announcement.

The equipment is needed for the pharmacy that fills approximately 400 prescriptions per day. The dispensing system needs to have an information system that includes workflow management features with a dispensing robot plus devices to support dispensing medications not filled by the robot. The system must be able to be interfaced to Eclipsys’ Sunrise Acute Care 5.0 (SAC) to allow medication orders entered in SAC to transfer to the outpatient system.

The system must be able to handle entry of medications not contained in the usual drug databases. The system also needs to produce container labels, auxiliary labels, and patient information sheets. The system needs to be able to refill medication request via interactive voice response or web-based technology and be able to record dispensing medications when picked up by the patient.

The response date for the information is October 30, 2009. For more information, email Ann G. Argaman, Contract Specialist, at, call (301) 594-5919, or go to