Sunday, November 15, 2009

AHRQ's Future Funding Plans

President Obama signed the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPPA) last February. The Act requires pediatric quality measures to be established to strengthen initial core child healthcare quality measures established by the HHS Secretary.

AHRQ through the Office of Extramural Research, Education, and Priority Populations, issued a Notice (NOT-HS-10-003) on November 10th with information on grant and contract solicitations to be published that will develop pediatric healthcare quality measurement research and provide for demonstrations projects.

The funding is expected to expand existing pediatric quality measures used by public and private healthcare purchasers, advance the development of new and emerging quality measures, and increase evidence-based consensus pediatric quality measures available to public and private purchasers of children’s healthcare services. CHIPRA allows for the use of grants and contracts to achieve these aims and the measures developed through this program will be available by January 1, 2013.

Through a memorandum of understanding between AHRQ and CMS, AHRQ will be the lead agency but work collaboratively with CMS to implement the pediatric quality measures program. Applicants from a broad range of fields will be eligible to apply for the cooperative agreements.

AHRQ anticipates grant and contract solicitations to be published November 2009 with funding to begin in late federal fiscal year 2010. Until the solicitation is published, AHRQ is unable to provide additional information. Email for answers to general comments.

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