Sunday, August 8, 2010

I-HITEC Selects Vendors

The Indiana Health Information Technology Extension Center (I-HITEC) has selected three software vendors to assist I-HITEC to help primary care healthcare providers adopt EHRs and achieve meaningful use.

The software vendors selected are:

• Athenahealth Inc., (Boston)—Helps medical providers use medical billing practice management and EHR services. Serves over 23 medical providers to help improve their billing and clinical operations
• iSALUS Healthcare, (Indianapolis)—Provides a web-based EMR and practice management solution that serves more than 40 distant medical specialists
• MDLand, (New York)—Helps providers with EHR medical practice management and emerging technologies

I-HITEC funded by $12 million by ARRA will aid Indiana’s small practices of 10 or fewer healthcare providers, community health centers, federally qualified health centers, and rural health clinics.

In April, I-HITEC began operations and is accepting healthcare providers into the program. Information and sign-up is available at

More than 200 vendors were vetted by I-HITEC and the three web vendors were chosen for their ability to meet the needs of small and/or rural healthcare providers. The vendors have agreed to provide preferred pricing and terms and are working toward a definitive agreement with I-HITEC.

I-HITEC is administered by Purdue’s Healthcare Technical Assistance Program (HTAP) and is one of 60 nonprofit organizations nationwide that receiving ARRA funding to help meet a goal to use electronic health information technology by 2014.