Sunday, August 29, 2010

Organization Implements EHR

AIDS Care, the leading provider of HIV/AIDS services in Rochester, New York, is the only organization in the Finger Lakes region to focus exclusively on HIV/AIDS medical, social, and prevention education services. The clinic began the planning for their EHR in December 2009, went live in March 2010, and already, the clinic is seeing vast improvements in workflow and patient care.

AIDS Care selected e-MDs and their “Solution Series ™ integrated EHR/PM suite because the clinic was impressed with the vendor that was based on several successful product demonstrations, a site visit to the company’s headquarters, and the company’s willingness to thoroughly train employees and assist with implementation.

The tools included in the e-MDs program give providers critical information and prompts to ensure that patients are getting the required care for their specific conditions. The improved documentation helps to better coordinate the patient care plans among the network of specialists and other community providers as well as increase patient safety.

The President and CEO of AIDS Care, Jay Rudman notes that the clinic has seen several improvements within the agency since implementation was completed. With the integration of scheduling, clinical documentation, care management, and billing, the patient flow and documentation has improved along with timely billing practices.