Sunday, August 22, 2010

Posting Info on Vendors

eHealthConnecticut is reaching out to interested health information technology vendors to enable them to submit information on their EHR products for review, approval, and for possible listing on the eHealthConnecticut website. The on-line database will have information on qualified EHR vendors and will help providers meet the needs of their practices and achieve meaningful use under the HTECH Act. eHealthConnecticut will maintain and update the list on a regular basis.

eHealthConnecticut issued a Request for Information to locate interested vendors that wish to post on the web site. All responses were due received by August 18th with vendor information to be posted on September 15th. Vendors must agree to meet the standards for EHR certification established by ONC and must regularly review the information and submit revisions if needed. Also, the vendor must be willing to provide web-based on-line demonstrations of their products.

In April 2010, eHealthConnecticut was awarded a $5.75 million grant by ONC to serve as Connecticut’s Regional Extension Center (REC). The REC is going to help providers to purchase ONC certified EHR solutions which may include bundled packages of hosted practice management applications, hardware and communications infrastructure, and on-going telephone and on-site support.

The REC’s goal is to assist 2,300 of the state’s 8,000 practicing physicians during the next four years. The long term objective is to have 80 percent of Connecticut’s providers go live with EHR systems and be able to exchange health information securely and privately via the HIE. In the first two years of the ONC grant, the REC will serve at least 1,308 priority primary care providers to include physicians in small practices and/or those caring for underserved patient populations.

The REC will administer services through a Core Team to receive referrals and commitments of providers from various physician organizations called “Channel Partners” and will contract with a number of preselected Direct Assistance Contractors to help providers select, implement and achieve meaningful use.

Go to and RFIs.aspx for information on the RFP.