Sunday, February 27, 2011

mHealth Grants Available

The Center for Technology and Aging located in Oakland California has announced that “Mobile Health Diffusion Grants are available to help fund the adoption of mHealth technology to help older adults and also to reduce the burden of care on clinicians and caregivers. As many as six one year grants will be awarded for up to $100,000 each from the $500,000 grant program. Grantees are required to provide a match in new funding and/or in-kind support that is equivalent to at least 25 percent of the award amount.

For this initiative, mHealth is broadly defined as the delivery of health-related services to patients, clinicians, and caregivers through mobile technology platforms on cellular or wireless networks. Mobile technologies can include but are not limited to tablets, cell phones (hardware and software), smartphones, mobile-enabled diagnostic devices, or devices with mobile alert systems.

The grants applications need to address how mHealth technologies will impact older adults along with caregivers and providers. Also, the benefits that can result in treating and monitoring chronic conditions, improving socialization and communication possibilities, and the ability to provide enhanced monitoring. Other care-related issues that can be addressed include medication compliance, safety monitoring, and access to health information. The grants however, cannot be used for technology and equipment costs.

The eligible organizations that can apply can include non-profits with a 501c (3) designation, local, state, and federal government agencies, and universities and colleges. Grantee projects must have established a relationship with a health provider and vendor.

Letters of Intent are due April 5, 2011 but full proposals will only be accepted if invited by the Center. Full proposals are due May 13, 2011.

For further information, email Margaret Whelly, Research Program Administrator for the Center at or call (510) 285-5685. To review the Grant Application Guide, go to