Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DOD Soliciting White Papers

On July 18th, the Air Force Research Laboratory, 711th Human Performance Wing on behalf of the Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA) Modernization Directorate issued a funding announcement soliciting white papers on specific medical research areas. The Air Force anticipates awarding 10 to 20 awards with the estimated program cost to be $49,500,000 over five years. Small businesses are encouraged to propose on all or any part of the solicitation.

The Air Force has identified a need for medical modernization in the following areas:

• Force Health Protection—the focus in on preventing injuries and illnesses and the detection of emerging threats. Key area include bio-surveillance, occupational toxicology and protective countermeasures

• Enroute care—the focus is on the continuum of care during transport of patients from point of injury to point of definitive care

• Operational Medicine—focus is on clinical medicine enhancements, personalized diagnosis and treatment, TBI, psychological health, PTSD, regenerative medicine, clinical patient safety, autism, and definitive care

• Expeditionary Medicine—includes enhancing methods and techniques for remote monitoring and triage systems

• Human Performance—includes fatigue management, sensory protection and sustainment, vision enhancement, medical team performance, and medical modeling and simulation

This is a five year two-step solicitation. The first step is to submit the white paper due on August 31, 2011. Requests for Proposals will be sent in response to the submission of the white paper.

For more information, go to view the cooperative agreement grant notice BAA-11-03-HPW “Air Force Medical Support Agency Modernization Directorate Research/Development and Innovations” announcement. Contracting questions may be emailed to Kimberly Rhoads at, and for technical questions email