Tuesday, July 26, 2011

State Agency Releases RFP

The Alabama Medicaid Agency on July 22, 2011 released an RFP seeking technical expertise in planning for health homes for Medicaid enrollees with chronic conditions. The Agency has been interested in the health home concept for a number of years and is now going to expand efforts to pilot test three regional care networks with recent approval from CMS.

The networks are designed to function as a “medical neighborhood” and improve the delivery of healthcare services to Medicaid recipients especially those with complex medical conditions. The networks consist of regional non-profit organizations driven by a board of local healthcare providers.

This RFP seeks subject matter technical assistance in planning efforts and additional consulting service may be needed to identify required IT changes to MMIS. Other systems to accommodate reporting requirements for the new health home model and to assess provider technological capacity to meet the requirements of the health home model may also be needed.

Plans are to develop systems for capturing, analyzing, implementing, reporting, and other infrastructure building tasks and then to assess, report, and share results. The task is to see if efforts are succeeding not only in producing changes in primary care practices but also as it relates to containing costs and improving quality.

The RFP “ACA Section 2703 Planning for Health Homes for Individuals with Chronic Conditions” (2011-ACAPlanning-01) is due August 12, 2011 with contract notification to be August 22, 2011.

Go to www.medicaid.alabama.gov/CONTENT/2.0_newsroom/2.4_Procurement.aspx for more information. The Project Director is Kathy Hall at Kathy.hall@medicaid.alabama.gov.