Sunday, July 31, 2011

RFP for Informatics Vendor

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative through the Massachusetts e-Health Institute is working with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Harvard Medical School’s Department of Population Medicine, and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers to develop the MDPHnet System.

MDPHnet will be a scalable, transportable, open source, distributed-data, and distributed-analysis system that will allow public health agencies to use patient and encounter-level data residing in practice-based EHRs without requiring the transfer of protected health information.

MDPHnet encompasses two distinct and innovative parts of a distributed public health data network:

• PopMedNet is capable of creating secure distributed networks among two or more partners

• The EHR supporting the Public Health System ESP enables data to be extracted automatically from the EHR into a format suitable for surveillance activities

The purpose for the “RFP for Informatics Vendors” (RFP No.2012-MeHI-01 is to find vendors with experience in creating the technical infrastructure to enable authorized public health users to perform distributed analysis of EHR data housed in ESP repositories.

The RFP was released July 27, 2011, a bidder teleconference to be held August 3, 2011, and RFPs are due August 11, 2011 The project through January 2014, is being funded through an Office of the National Coordinator Challenge Grant for Population Health.

The procurement team leader is Dawn Heisey-Grove. For more information contact the Massachusetts Health Institute at To view the RFP, go to