Sunday, August 21, 2011

LifeBot Acquires Exclusive Rights

LifeBot® has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to DREAMS™, the $14 million advanced EMS ambulance and hospital telemedicine system developed by Texas A&M, UTHealth, and the Department of the Army.

The Digital EMS is the first and only system providing interactive simultaneous live transmissions of critical patient data, audio, and video. The system brings hospital specialists to the scene, giving doctors and nurses a virtual tele-presence to collaborate in saving lives and managing disasters in real-time on the battlefield or at home or abroad.

“Most attempts at ambulance-based telemedicine systems have had extremely limited success but DREAMS has actually delivered on its promise to get the job done over a number of years,” says LifeBot CEO, R. Lee Heath best known as the inventor of the Automatic External Defibrillator.

DREAMS™ developed with funding from the Army’s Telemedicine and Technology Research Center (TATRC) has been deployed and has been in use for over six years in five prototype ambulances in Liberty County Texas.

The project was headed by renowned surgeon James “Red” Duke JR who used the system to triage and treat victims in New Orleans “live” during Hurricane Katrina in the Memorial Hermann emergency room at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. DREAMS family products were also used to support remote clinics during the Katrina and Rita disasters.

The Super Ambulance™ system is operated by using multiple remote controlled cameras to provide hospital-based emergency specialists with live intelligence in order to provide prompt and safe life-saving assessments.

The patient’s physiologic vital signs, data, and medical record reporting are accomplished by using either EHRs or e-PCRs to provide updates between the hospital and the scene. The system can treat cardiac, trauma, stroke victims, and can be vital to use in remote areas.

The DREAMS system is not solely for use in ambulances, but can be used to provide telecardiology, telestroke, teletrauma, can be used in intensive care, plus other hospital-to-hospital and physician-to-hospital applications. In addition, LifeBot mobile telemedicine carts and desktop systems use the DREAMS system.

The DREAMS system has been tested on the 1.5 pound portable LifeBot Tablet PC as well. This will enable intensivists, cardiologists, neurologists, trauma and emergency disaster specialists to login and achieve telepresence from almost any location and at any time.

Other LifeBot technology products include a stand-alone system called a “Deployable Telemedicine System” used by hospitals to expand their facilities during disasters or the system can even be dropped into the battlefield to deliver telemedicine as well. The Back-Pack Telemedicine System provides battlefield, mobile or tactical medics with wearable telemedicine systems enabling them to work in difficult access locations.

LifeBot is now involved in building full call centers or telemedicine hubs to provide the latest technology to coordinate care. These centers will be able to use triage solutions and telemedicine to intelligently coordinate and safely determine if patients need either emergent, non-emergent care. It will then be possible to send ambulances to only real emergencies and at the same time, match the needed medical expertise with each medical situation.

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