Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NIH/CDC Issue SBIR Solicitation

On August 25th, NIH and CDC released the 2012 Omnibus NIH/CDC SBIR Contract Solicitation (NOT-OD-11-108) due on November 7, 2011. The SBIR program is a set-aside program for small business concerns to engage in federal R&D with potential for commercialization.

The SBIR legislation requires the Public Health Service, HHS, and certain other Federal agencies to reserve 2.5 percent of their extramural research or R&D budgets for an SBIR program.

SBIR Phase I determines the scientific and technical feasibility and the potential for commercialization of the proposed research but it is not to exceed $150,000 for direct costs. Phase II is to continue the research or R&D efforts initiated in Phase I and not to exceed $1,000,000 for direct costs. Phase III will help small business concerns pursue with non-SBIR funds, ways to commercialize the results of the research funded in Phase I and Phase II.

A few of the research topics contained in the solicitation are:

• NIH (CDC)—Development of low cost, small sample technologies for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and early detection

• NIH (NHLBI)—Novel technologies for powering ventricular assist devices and wireless physiologic telemetry for interventional MRI

• NIH (NIDA)—Recovery warrior behavioral activation video games for substance abuse via a commercially available active and interactive gaming platform such as Wii, Play Station Move, or Xbox Kinect. Also, looking for ways to develop effective methods for systemic in-vivo targeted delivery of shRNAi to the brain for treatment of substance use disorders and other brain disorders

• CDC—Data mining software for large scale analyses of infections caused by hepatitis viruses

Since this solicitation is contract-based and not grant-based, is not used. For more information, go to