Sunday, August 14, 2011

States Announce Funding

The New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention’s Asthma Program seeks applications to establish and/or expand Regional Asthma Coalitions (RAC) in high-risk geographic areas of New York State. The overall goal is to control asthma through a regional, population-based and sustainable systems approach. The objective is to decrease the number of hospitalizations and emergency department visits, decrease the number of school/work days lost, and decrease the number of clinic/provider office urgent care visits.

The RACs will implement interventions outlined by the “National Asthma Education Prevention Program”, “Expert Panel Report”, and “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma” into practices in their regions.

Eligible applicants must be public and private not-for-profit organizations in New York State including but not limited to hospitals, primary care practices and networks, clinics, physician groups, health plans, local public health agencies, universities and colleges, schools and school districts, voluntary associations, foundations, scientific or professional associations, and community-based organizations with experience and expertise in the administration of coalitions or collaborative partnerships to address public health problems.

Applicants applying must have experience with:

• Engaging stakeholders and leading a coalition/collaborative on a regional level
• Using data to assess local asthma burden
• Developing a strategic plan to address local health problems
• Monitoring, evaluating, and reporting the results on collaborative efforts
• Applying the “Chronic Care Model”
• Utilizing process and outcome data to make system improvements

Up to eight contracts will be awarded. The estimated annual funding amount per contract is $18,000. The final number of awards and final award amounts will depend on funds available.

RFA (1012090253) was released in June with applications due August 29, 2011. To view the RFA, go to For more information, email Marianne Heigel, RN at

The Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services has released (RFP 3660) seeking proposals to enhance or replace an existing clinical Laboratory Information Management system (LIMS) for the Mississippi Public Health Laboratory (MPHL). The MPHL performs over 600,000 tests annually to support public health activities in the state and has two laboratory facilities located within three miles of each other in Jackson Mississippi.

The LIMS needs to improve the MPHL’s level of automation by improving the functionality of current testing algorithms to meet the needs of changing laboratory practices, create new test-specific configurations to enable additional test data to be released electronically through HL7 technology, create user-specified data retrieval reports, and provide additional instrument/LIMS interfaces to automatically release data from the instrumentation into the LIMS.

The RFP released August 2, 2011 requires the proposal to be submitted September 1, 2011. For more information, contact Donna Hamilton at (601) 432-8114 or email

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is interested in an integrated service delivery and payment system to support all DHS programs. DHS on August 1, 2011 issued a Request for Information (RFI) to find out about available commercial-off-the-shelf software. This RFI is the first step in the possible development and implementation of a comprehensive, fully integrated human services delivery management system.

The software will be used to support case management, eligibility determinations, benefit payments, provider payments, healthcare enrollments, and child support collections. DHS seeks a product designed to be easily installed and to be interoperable with existing system components.

The RFI in writing is due August 29, 2011 with presentations or demonstrations if applicable to be held in September/October 2011. For more information, email Jennifer Trombley at or go to