Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Draft Telehealth Code Launched

Partners working on the TeleSCoPE project have developed a European Code of Practice for telehealth services. The draft telehealth code is helping to establish service standards so that regulations can be developed. The project includes 13 partners from seven member states of the EU comprising four service user representative bodies, two academic institutions, seven SMEs, and other institutions.

The first version of the European Code of Practice for Telehealth Services was released at the Med-e-Tel Conference held in Luxembourg last month. The Draft Code will be tested this year in five EU countries before its final launch at Med-e-Tel in 2013.

The Draft Code expresses the view that health services should wherever possible give greater control and choice to patients and users. The Draft Code also adopts an approach that is applicable to people of all ages, and also addresses lifestyles and wellbeing. The Draft Code emphasizes that services must move from services that have been delivered to patients to services sought by people seeking to use the services.

To look at the online Draft Code, go to  To receive a free printed copy, email Pierre Boutet at